Exselt Support

Exselt support options

We have the following support options available to users of Exselt:

  • Online support through our support portal, powered by Atlassian. This portal requires one-time signup. Use this portal to report bugs, ask questions or search through other people's questions. Please visit Exselt Customer Support.
  • Payment and license related questions can be asked through the same portal, but will be kept private. Please visit Exselt Customer Support.
  • Support by email: info@exselt.net. We have a strong spamfilter in place, if your mail gets marked as spam it may go unnoticed. Just drop us a line in the [support portal](Please visit Exselt Customer Support.) to fix this.
  • Phone support is available to customers with a Priority Support Contract.
  • Alternatively, you can reach out to us on twitter: @Kandura.