Exselt support options

We have the following support options available to users of Exselt:

  • Online support through our support portal, powered by Atlassian. This portal requires one-time signup. Use this portal to report bugs, ask questions or search through other people's questions. Please visit Exselt Customer Support.
  • Payment and license related questions can be asked through the same portal, but will be kept private. Please visit Exselt Customer Support.
  • Support by email: We have a strong spamfilter in place, if your mail gets marked as spam it may go unnoticed. Just drop us a line in the [support portal](Please visit Exselt Customer Support.) to fix this.
  • Phone support is available to customers with a Priority Support Contract. If you are interested in getting priority support during the beta period, please contact us by Creating a Request for Priority Support and we will get back to you shortly,
  • Alternatively, you can reach out to us on twitter: @Kandura, or by using the hashtag #exselt

The support portal is not limited to questions on Exselt processor, you can also use it for questions over or reporting bugs on the XSLT specification. Genuine bugs on the spec will be transferred to W3C BugZilla to give it the proper XSLT Working Group attention.